Open Lens Media produces and distributes documentary films, multimedia projects, podcasts, and other alternative media on cultural, social and political issues to inspire open dialogue and to facilitate social change.

Believing that cultural products operate as the vanguard of discourse, our past projects have been created to address a range of different issues – including racism, sexism, violence, and war – within a common overall framework that seeks to interrogate the structural mechanisms of society. Dr. Chyng Sun and award-winning video editor Miguel Picker have produced four independent documentary films: (1) Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood and Corporate Power (2001), which analyzes Disney’s role as a dominant story-teller for children globally as well as the company’s sexist and racist portrayals in its popular animated films; (2) Beyond Good and Evil: Children, Media and Violent Times (2003), which examines how children learn to dehumanize the “enemies” through the news and entertainment media; (3) The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality, and Relationships (2008), which examines how the mainstreaming of pornographic films has affected our culture and us as individuals; and (4) LATINOS BEYOND REEL: Challenging a Media Stereotype (2012), which is a hard-hitting documentary about how Latinos are marginalized and vilified in the U.S. media - with grave consequences.

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