Don Gato - A Dance Theater

Don Gato originated as a folk song in Renaissance Spain: it is the story of a Don Juan in the cat world who dies and is brought back to life by the smell of fish when his funeral procession passes by a fish market. Conquistadors transported the story ofcarried Don Gato to the ‘New World’ on their travels, and almost every Spanish-speaking country has its own version of this popular song. It remains one of the most popular Latin American songs for children in the U.S. A modernized version of Don Gato, adding themes of searching for self-identity and fulfillment, provides inspiration for thisa musical with dance and multi-media projection that is rich in Latin music and cultures. The video presentation here was from a collaboration among Miguel Picker (Ccomposer & Aartistic Ddirector), WGBH (filming) and Boston Ballet (choreographed their children’s troupe City Dance Program) . The video program The Making of Don Gato was aired in February 1996 and rerun many times after. It won The Golden Eagle Award in 1996 and was the finalist for an Emmy Award.

Composer & Artistic Director: Miguel Picker
Performer: Boston Ballet City Dance Program
Film: WGBH

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